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My Favorite Things

Lots and Lots of Links... Really great CD's for really reasonable prices!

Hotmail Free email. What could be better?

Bluffton College This is my college. Check it out!

Bluffton's Music Department Click to see where I've studied.

Lucia Unrau My piano professor's homepage.

Elida High School This is where I did my student teaching.

Wal-Mart My place of employment during the summer.

Marty's Super Wal-Mart Adventure Another fun Wal-Mart site. Go check it out!

Star Wars Go check out Episode 1

Yahoo! My favorite search engine.

Savvy Search Another good search engine.

World 1000 Yet another good search engine. Need the news? Here's a great site!

USA Today Have a look at today's paper.

The Irish Times Keep up with the Irish news!

The Belfast Telegraph Interested in the peace process? Check out this online newspaper. Internet Radio. Listen while you surf! Need a quote? Find one here! Quotes for all occasions!

Original Look A great desktop theme site. Another cool desktop theme site.

The Daily.WAV I love wav files!

Movie Wavs This is a really great wav site. Check it out!

Hollywood Online All the entertainment info you could ask for

Real Player Download Real Player. It's a must have!

Taco Bell My favorite fast food restaurant!

Taco Bell Dog Do you love the Taco Bell Dog, too? Check out this site!

Center for the Easily Amused Bored? Check out this site.

ICQ A great way to communicate with friends and family over the internet!

X-Files A great page of links to X-Files sites. I love the X-Files!

David Duchovny The Man Behind Mulder. A great David Duchovny site!

Morissa's Place My awesome roommate's homepage! She helped me get my site up and running.

Veggie Tales I love Veggie Tales!

Elizabeth's Homepage Visit my friend Elizabeth's page!

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